segunda-feira, 4 de novembro de 2013

October, see you next year!

October was crazy. I mean c-r-a-z-y! I thought I was spending october working on my master thesis (the deadline is 20th february) and I ended up working on photoshoots and sudden changing home, for a totally new place and city! I'm kinda nervous about this changes but I know we are gonna be ok, as long as we are together :) I'm thrilled to show you my new home when everything is put together! yay!

October started very good with a beauty fair! I went with my fellow bloggers and had a great time!! see more pictures here

Rumbanita shoes collection photoshoot team! I'm dying to see the final pictures :) more backstage picture here 

A true 50's american dinner with milkshake and all! yummiiiiii! forget my diet for a sec please. lol.

Trying to keeping up with my thesis. Oh boy, I don't know if I can finish it in time...

We went to a vintage fair and with the magic of makeup and hairstyling transformed random girls into beautiful pin-ups! It was great to work with Revlon for the first time, loved it! More pictures here
Me and Guida are eating the best ice cream ever... SANTINI ICE CREAM! :D

And I even had time to catch up with some fellow bloggers and the brazilian beauty brand Boticário! It is always so good seeing everyone :)

Roasted chestnuts are the ultimate fall food! Just love the smell of it in a rainy day on the street.

My bf works a lot, we always come really late home everyday, and every little time we have together is precious!

Toze helped us a lot in packing things for the new home! eheh :D

New beginnings. November it will be crazy again. Lots of work with photoshoots, and 3 communications to present in a investigation congress. wish me luck everyone, cos I really need it!!!! 


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  1. You certainly have been busy! Good luck with everything :)

    1. thank you darling :) i'm always on something ehehe x

  2. good lucj with the moving :D
    acreditas q ainda n comi gelado santini ou fui a um 50's diner? my life sucks!

  3. Ficas sempre bem em todas as fotografias Inês, linda mesmo :) Adoooooro castanhas! Também já ando à rasca para acabar a minha tese de mestrado, parece que andamos com grande peso atrás né? Apesar de tudo, o que se aprende não tem preço e vale a pena :)



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