segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013

Meu Querido Mês de Agosto...

Boy, what a month! Half party and holidays, half hard work and responsabilities! August flew by so fast!
My master thesis is going well, I just hope I can finish it in time... 

the month started in a great way: me trying to read a book. I don't enjoy reading romance books, although I read a lot of history and archaeology books. I'm also get distracted easily, and sometimes I have to read the same page twice, cos I forgot everything. I can't read for hours in a row, I have to stop and start doing something different, otherwise I get bored and start thinking of all the things I have to do, instead of being there and doing nothing but read a book. I just can't, and it pisses me off!

Every year, for the last 5 years, I go up north to enjoy a metal festival called Vagos Open Air. 3 days without any sleep but with good friends, good music, and good beer! Thats all that counts eheh 

I also sew my first clothing myself! I made a 20's inspired blouse and a circle skirt with removable suspenders, very 40's! I enjoy sewing so much, and it's so entertaining that I don't know if I will ever buy clothes from the stores again :p

Holidays are over, time to work, and work hard as I always have. This is my desk at the office, full of drawings and artifacts. Master thesis, here I go! May the Lord give me strength to get it finished by February!

I took some pictures of the palace where I',m working on my master thesis. The palace was built in 1701 and it is truly beautiful!


I haven't been at the flea market for ages! I used to go there every week. In my last trip I bought this piece of history! A 1907 book about women and home medicine! Some of it actually relates to my Makeup History Series, so if you are interested I will write a post about this book!

Madame Turbante new flower crowns!

 A lovely day at the park enjoying a picnic with my boyfriend!

August was also the month I started (again) to have a healthier lifestyle. We are lucky because even though we live in Lisbon, we live near the biggest park in the city, so we can enjoy the countryside (sort of) and do some jogging!

August is the month of weddings. This time it was my beautiful cousin who married her long time irish boyfriend. It was a fun irish-portuguese wedding and she looked stunning! 

and Agust ended in the best possible way with an article about the vintage lifestyle in Portugal , printed on the biggest national newspaper!

September is always a month of new beginnings for me, more than January. It will be a working month, for sure :)


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  1. Eu devo andar tão distraída,credo! Diz-me onde posso encontrar o artigo em que apareces linda linda com o teu coelhinho?



  2. Finalmente, começo a encontrar blogs portugueses dedicados ao vintage e retro! Que feliz que fico! :)
    Adorei as fotos, principalmente as do piquenique.

    1. fico contente que tenhas achado o meu blog :) obrigado! beijinhos e espero que gostes e fiques por mais tempo! x


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