quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

See you July!

As I said last month, July was all about vacantions! Work hard, play hard they say, right?
 I was away from my home almost the entire month, and I have to say... I missed it so much! I'm so happy to be back you can't imagine! This next month I'm going to be back at work but I have a music festival first!
Lets see how my July was? Lets go!

Peaches live at gay Pride! I have to say, gay people smell good. I've never been to a concert where EVERYONE smelled so good ahaha

Before leaving for holidays I had time to clean my powder room :)

 Me and my boyfriend went to Tavira, to spend some days with my mom, who had been there for a few days already. I ate ice cream EVERYDAY (I have to start my diet soon...) this ice cream is nutella with white chocolat, divine!

Beach time! Being so hot I just want to go for a swim, even if I don't like the beach.

Our Tavira house has a big terrace and Tozé was happy to spend all his time there! Unfortunately our house in Lisbon is small, even though he is always loose.

Time to go to Spain to eat some calamares and shop!

Last month we bought a analog underwater camera and these are some of the pictures we took! 

Vegetarian lasagna made by my bf. yummy!

We went to a biker rally in Faro, one of the most famous ones, and we had to stop a lot along the way, because the ride was hurting me badly. 

Another stop to go swimming!


The biker rally was amazing! I never expected to like this biker lifestyle so much. I enjoy riding and I liked the spirit of all the people there! My bf was on the tattoo contest and he actually WON! I'm so proud of my inked man!

 Time to leave Faro. I'm gonna miss this sunset at the island!

 And finally, to end the month in great way, Festival Musicas do Mundo in Sines! The only time of the year that this little village sees a lot of people! 

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5 comentários:

  1. Ena, Algarve!!!! Há uns 25 anos que lá não vou... fiquei cheia de inveja eheheheh.

  2. Que inveja por teres visto a Peaches ao vivo ahhhhhh!!! e o powder room, aww :)

  3. A concentração de Faro é simplesmente brutal, adoro o espírito! Fiz uma referência do teu trabalho no meu blog, dá lá um saltinho :)*

    The Marvelous World of Narcissa

  4. Ó mulher, olha que Sines é cidade! E gosta muito de ti, e em Agosto não é esse amontoado de gente do FMM mas não deixa de ter muito movimento :)


  5. Estás tão gira amori ^^
    Adoro ver a tua felicidade =D
    Tenho saudades <3


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