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30's/40's Egypt: Explorers and Tourists fashion

As a archaeologist I love Egypt, and as a vintage lover I love vintage things. And if I could join this two together?

Fashion in Egypt

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Appointment With Death (2004) - Great novel by Agatha Christie's and great production. The costume were apropriate for the travelers: comfy clothing, high waist pants with lightweight fabrics, blouses, and hats! The colors are mainly light browns, camels, light blues, apropriate for the sand and the sun colors.

Agatha Christie's Poirot - Death on the Nile (2004) - The same thing. I love those high waist pants in dark orange. The big straw hat is awesome, I need one of these for my summer excavations!

The Mummy (1932) - Explorers hats! Love them. Onde day I will get one :)

This images make me want to go to Egypt so bad! Don't you?


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  1. excelente inspiração, já viste o filme "the edge of love"? :D

  2. Damn it! Was about to write the exact same post :)

    Amazing pics and love all the clothes. Gorgeous inspiration. x

  3. Marta, nunca vi! mas já pesquisei, fiquei curiosa! obrigado xxx

    Glamourologist, go ahead darling! I didnt say too much, just showed some pictures I have. Im dying to know more about vintage Egypt. great inspiration for this summer right? xxx

  4. If I could model my entire wardrobe on this I would - just need more time, more money and a smaller waistline.

  5. Adorei!!! :)

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