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TKB Trading Review - Free Samples everyone!

Hi everyone! Today I’m gonna do a review about my order from TKB Trading Pigments. If you don’t know this company, shame on you girl. THIS IS AWESOME! They sell a bunch of pigments, micas and other products for cosmetics. With this pigments you can make your own eyeshadow, mixing the colors together, you can make your own lipstick or lipgloss (not every powdered pigments and colored micas are lip-approved, check before ordering.), or your soap.

The Samples are only $1.50 and you get a tablespoon or a teaspoon!
TKB DO NOT test on animals
Shipping is a little too expensive (around $15) but it’s super fast

The pigments came in a plastic bag, but I transfered them to clear jars to make the application easier.

So, I got 10 different colors: Harvest Yellow (1 ounce – $3); Gold Basics (1 ounce - $3.50); Copper Basics (sample - $1.50); Extra Bright (1 ounce - $4); Pennsylvania Green (Sample - $1.50); Blueberry Pop! (1 ounce - $3.50); Alum Lake (Sample - $1.50); Manganese Violet (Sample - $1.50); Concerian Heat (Sample - $1.50); Black Mica (Sample - $1.50) and a Micro Fine Glitter in Silver sample ($1.50)

Harvest Yellow is a matte color, very pigmented and blends very well! Is almost mustard yellow but very vibrant. It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general.

Gold Basics is a shimmery bright gold, and once again very pigmented. It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general.

Coppers Basics is a shimmery bright copper color, and very pigmented. I love these! It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general.

Extra Bight is a really true white and very shimmering and pigmented. White and black colors are a must buy, they can work as a eye shadow per si, or to be used to whitening or darker the colors when you are trying to mix your pigments and make your own color. It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general.

Pennsylvania green is a medium green and very shimmering and pigmented. I prefer olive greens, I don’t know why I bought this, and if i'm going to use it
, but we will see. But the color is very vibrant and beautiful! This pigment cannot be used on lips!

Blueberry Pop! Is probably my favorite color. But once again, I don’t know if I’m going to use it… because i don't think that this electric blues suits me very well, or maybe it’s just me. This is a bright and electric “Smurf” Blue and very shimmering and pigmented. Really fun to use! It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general.

Alum Lake this blue is appropriately used to dye products for personal use, but its nice as a eye shadow, or lips, or nails, but not on soaps. It’s a matte color and very pigmented.

Manganese Violet is a true violet matte color, very bright and pigmented! I love how this looks on me. It’s approved for eyes and lips and all cosmetics in general, but not soaps.

Concerian Heat is on of my fav colors. “a radiating pink wrapped in a deep purple blanket of juicy heat sprinkled with sparks of silver” according TKB site. It’s very shimmering and pigmented. It’s approved for eyes and all cosmetics in general, but not lips.

Black Mica is not so pigmented like the other colors I bought, and is a soft shimmery black. Popular for many uses but especially for eyeliners, eye shadows and similar products This product is great when you need to make something darker.

Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. I received quality products for cheap! And I can make a bunch of things with that, like my own eye shadow, lipsticks, soaps, eyeliner… and so on! If you liked my review and you like to try some of the products, I can send you some samples for free. Just leave your e-mail in this post and I will reply ASAP! The only rules I’ve got is that you must be a follower of this blog, and this offer is limited to three followers! So, be fast! ^^

Did you get these products for free? No
Are you being paid by this company/companies? No
Are you affiliated with these companies in any way? No
Is this your honest opinion about these products? Yes

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  1. Já tinha pensado em encomendar deste site mas acabei por nunca o fazer, acho que os portes me assustaram um bocadinho :P
    Adoro algumas das cores que escolheste! Em particular a Manganese Violet. Também gosto muito dos azuis, mas sombra azul não me favorece lá muito :/ **

  2. eu queria encomendar de novo, se quiseres dividimos os portes, sempre fica mais em conta! e um sample dá para várias vezes, nao compensa comprar 1 ounce! ;) gostei mesmo da qualidade, muito a cima de pigmentos das marcas mais in do momento, e mil vezes mais caros!

  3. Olá, eu quero ganhar esses pigmentos lindos, envia para Portugal?
    Já sou seguidora e gostei muito do blogue, bjos doces

  4. Sim, envio Dudis! ;) não é nenhum concurso, está aberto a 3 pessoas! da-me o teu mail para eu dar todos os detalhes*

  5. ola... fiquei interessada!!! inda posso pedir amostra??


  6. sim podes Sofia! ;) manda-me um mail com a tua morada para **

  7. Quando encomendares outra vez, diz-me então qualquer coisa que encomendamos a meias ;)
    Será que me podias mandar uma amostra do roxo?

    sustenidos @ gmail . com *

  8. Cancerian Heat really is a must have :)


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