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Choose Cruelty Free!

Every year, cosmetics companies kill millions of animals to test their products. These companies claim they test on animals to establish the safety of their products and ingredients for consumers, but animal testing are inhumane and it is inherently inaccurate. Consumers who purchase products from companies that test on animals are also partly responsible.
Product testing is commonly performed on animals to measure the levels of skin irritancy, eye tissue damage, and toxicity caused by various substances used in the manufacture of cosmetics. In the Draize test, caustic substances are placed in the eyes of conscious rabbits to evaluate damage to sensitive eye tissues. This is extremely painful for the rabbits, who often scream when the substances are applied and sometimes break their necks or backs trying to escape the restraints.
Regulatory agencies don’t require animal testing of cosmetics, and the effectiveness of non-animal product testing methods has been thoroughly demonstrated. In 2003, the European Union passed a ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing starting in 2009, and a complete sales ban effective in 2013.
What you can do:
1. Only buy products from companies that don’t test on animals!
2. Encourage your friends and family members to support humane companies, as well.
3. Let companies currently testing cosmetics on animals know that you will not buy their products until they stop. Most companies have toll-free numbers that you can call

Famous companies that DO NOT test on animals:

More there

Famous companies that DO test on animals:

Johnson & Johnson (Clear & Clear, Listerine, etc)
L’oreal (Biotherm, Cacharel, Garnier, Helena Rubinstein, Lancome, Maybelline)
Olay, Max Factor, Pantente (same company, Procter&Gamble)
Shiseido Cosmetics
Yves Saint Laurent
PETA Anti Animal Testing video. you MUST see.
Animals didn't need to suffering so we can feel beautiful.

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