segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

Bye June!

June is gone, for good. Last month was crazy. I was sick for two weeks, plus I had to finish all my college work, but I'm finally free (for now...). I also continue working at Madame Turbante, which takes a lot of  my time, but it's ok, because I quite enjoy doing that. Some pictures from last month:

The second shoot for the new La Mermaid collection, called Welcome to the Freakshow! Can't wait to show you the result ;) I met some awesome special girls and working on this has been a pleasure!

June also means Santos Populares in Lisbon! And this year with the special appearence of Ana Malhoa! Awesome pimba gig, I must say! 

Petiscar, something that every portuguese loves to do with friends.

COTTON CANDY! I can't even remember the last time I had one of these. yummy stuff!

Madame Turbante on the road. This time it was in Sines, Alentejo!

Summer outfits!

Born to ride ahaha (I actually enjoy it a lot!!)

A great day on the beach. I can only stand the beach from 17 pm on... The water was so nice! I want to repeat this :)

 Best ice cream in town

I took Tozé to the beach at the end of the day. He loves it!

Fiery sunset in Alentejo

July will be a month to sit back and do nothing (I hope!)
Enjoy your summer and don't forget to use plenty of sunscreen!
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5 comentários:

  1. tu na praia? ahhh é montagem só pode :P
    a água não te fez doer os ossos?
    o teu coelho é demais, ia jurar que ele teria medo das ondas.
    cotton candy <3 e os t-strap shoes na 2ª foto... adoro!

    1. sim ahahah e hei-de ir mais vezes este ano! já não dava um mergulho há tanto tempo, que a minha pele estranhou a agua salgada :x a agua tava muito boa, juro ;)
      ele tem medo, gosta mais de andar ao pé de nós e longe do sol, deve ser como a dona!

  2. Ah Ana Malhoa... vi-a ontem 'a noite c/amigos estrangeiros q/estavam ai mesmo deliciados c/a pouca roupa q/trazia e encantados c/os ritmos calientes... surreal.

    Alentejo <3

    Q vestido bonito! E fica-te muito bem!

  3. You look gorgeous, especially with the flowers in your hair! xxx

  4. Caracóis. Deprimi.


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