domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

Goodbye May!

May was the longest month ever! I had never been so tired in my life, I've never worked so much in so many  different projects, but in the end, all the work is paying off! with all the hard work, sometimes you have to choose beetween social life and work. I usually manage the two well, but sometimes I just can't do everything, and feel so frustrated... well, here are some pictures from the last month! enjoy x

we lunch in one of the Casa do Alentejo's rooms. this place is amazing and magical! I've had the pleasure to shoot there last year, and it was amazing. the food is really good too!

World Press Photo 2013 at Museu da Electricidade. These were my fav pictures. The museum is also really cool, with a nice  atmosphere!

May seem like a very cultural month ahahah another exhibit we went at CCB. this was a really nice exhibit with original ilustrations from the past. really liked it!

Miami sunset collection presentation by Boticário at Tivoli! It was so nice to meet Fernando Torquatto in person, the makeup artist of the stars in Brasil. he is a very honest and a nice person. 
Tivoli was also the home for Beatriz Costa, and the hotel is full of memorabilia of her! I love her!

Tattoo time!

Tattoo time again! my bf is learing how to tattoo, and I totally suport him, and I hope he is able to get somewhere in this art ;)

New haircut!


Photoshoot for a new collection by La Mermaid. It was really fun and this week we have another round with more amazing models playing circus freaks ;)

last but not least, Madame Turbante at Feira das Almas for the first time! It was amazing, thank you for all the support! We are only 2 months  old and have already acomplished so much. thank you thank you!

June, i'm ready! another great month, I hope ;)

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4 comentários:

  1. Admiro imenso essa capacida de conciliar tantos projectos num só mês! Não é fácil e nem sempre há cabeça para tudo... Mas tu deste-lhe bem. As La Mermaid it girls estão todas de morrer <3

  2. Casa do Alentejo <3
    Your new haircut suits you really well, you look stunning!

  3. Caramba, que mês CHEIO eheheheh. Muito sucesso é o que eu te desejo, tens talento, és invulgar, decidida e há falta de gente assim neste cantinho do mundo.

  4. Epá, o novo corte de cabelo fica-te mesmo bem! Quem me dera conseguir usar um corte assim... Mas penso que é preciso ter o conjunto adequado para que resulte.

    Uma perguntinha... Sabes quando começam os saldos?



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