quinta-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2012

Last purchases!

Hi dolls! I want to show you my recent purchases, nothing special... Summer is comming and I really need vintage summer clothes but is dificult to find them now, I just have to wait. Meanwhile I bought some mid season clothes at a fleamarket called Feira da Ladra and Outra Face da Lua Outlet, a vintage store in Lisbon that had sales. Lets begin with my Feira da Ladra finds...

Isn't this cute? A deer brooch I bought for 1E! God, I love bargains, dont you? Well, this post is all about bargains I tell you right now!

Mint knit with golden details. Gotta love this one too! For only 2E.

This awesome handbag for 1E

White knit with violet and black roses. 1E too!

A compact from 50/60's in a good condition inside. I want to clean it and press some powder on to use it in my purse. Only 2E

Big vintage bottle of parfum, made in Portugal. The smell is so good! I have to clean it properly to put on my boudoir. Cost me 5E

Golden fan brooch. 1E

Dark green pencil skirt. Its a little big for me. 2E

Outra Face da Lua Outlet purchases

When Outra Face da Lua hits sales, they do all things 5E in the outlet store. Its a good way to buy beautiful vintage pieces for less!

I bought this dark blue hat. The net is damage, but I think I can easely swap a new one. 5E

Beautful light pastel peach cardigan, with the tags on it! Great find I must say. Made in Portugal probably in 40's or 50's. 5E

And last but not least, this white cardigan from 80's. 5E!

Hope you like my purchases! I love them all :)


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  1. Ai, também quero encontrar estas coisas *.*


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