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Sex and the City's Fashion: get inspired!

I've been re-watching all seasons of Sex and the City TV serie, well know for all of us. Sex and the City became a cultural phenomenon in the late 90’s and in early 2000. I grew up with this show appearing on TV like at 4 a.m, and I watched it almost every night! Now that I'm 20 years old, I felt like I needed to watch this show again. I started with the first season, and I
quickly fell in love with the fashion presented by the actresses: 90's!!! well, I think, no one likes 90's fashion LOL sometimes it could be so ugly. lycra, black leather, Keds, belly button piercings, buffalo boots, tube tops... I mean, really? Sex and the City's have it all but in a fashionable way!

high waist jeans, stripes, hats, big bags

Dolce and Gabbana ugliest shoes ever!

90's long blazers! I love these!

Long skirts, velvet blazers, long jackets, large vs tight

In fact, I've been inspired by this ladies! I robbed my mom's closet, picked up this funny orange short blazer,a pouch puffy quilted in black, a skinny black pants and black high heels shoes and went to a fashion show runway in Belem.

hair: me
makeup: me
blazer: mom's
golden bangles: PRIMARK
skinny black pants: PRIMARK
high heels shoes: N/A
pounch: PRIMARK

What do you think of this TV serie? Where did you get your fashion inspiration?


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