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Fake MAC cosmetics - How not to get scammed!

Buy online its usual for me, if you know the best sites you can really have good deals. As some of us, I usualy buy MAC online through ebay and
But recently I knew some cases about people who got scammed while buying MAC products through ebay and other cosmetic sites. I never got scammed, but believe me, it was just a matter of luck! So, today I'm gonna try to give you some tips to not get scammed buying MAC products on the internet!

1) Pay attention to the seller's photo

* Usualy the pictures are vague, and blurry, so please contact the seller and ask for some more pictures, If they make an excuse, avoid the seller as they may be trying to sell you fakes!

* Real MAC eye shadows, blush, etc will never come with sponge applicators or mirror!
* MAC NEVER sold cheap brush packaging and never sold the brushes as a set. ALL MAC brushes will have the MAC name and number printed on the brush handle.

2) Know the brand, know the colors, know the packaging


* Knowing brand is very important for notice right away fake products. above there is a real lipsticks from Hello kitty collection, and under the fake lipstick. At nude eye we can't tell the diferences right away, but if you look close and with extremely attention you can see what is fake and what is not. First of all, Hello Kitty collection only have six lipstick colors. and none of them are a peachy color! Then, if you see with attention you will see that the logo on the lipstick on the fake one don't have grey lines, like the real one have.

* MAC products always have a name on the product. usually fake ones only have a number, or "powder blush", "red lipstick"

* Once more... Hello Kitty collection didn't had a clean water product LOL

3) Pay with paypal

*Always pay through Paypal so you are protected in case you do receive FAKES!
*The most important thing than brand is not buying something that can hurt your skin, your eyes, your lips! because you don't know where and how this fake products have been made!*

Stay away from:
some ebay sellers
The only way to buy real MAC:
MAC stores
Hope that it can help you next time you buy from internet ;)

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