sábado, 30 de novembro de 2013

November is gone, finally!

What can I say about November... That was the most stressfull month of my life? That's so true. I moved home to another city almost by myself, as my boyfriend works until it is night, every single day, except sundays... At the same time I had investigation work to be done, because in the end of the month I was presenting it in a congress. It was so hard, it was so stressfull. But it is gone. At least the major work at home, because my investigation work continues. I stayed home a lot this month, but I didnt had time to enjoy it properly. I'm so in love with the new home. It is so full of light every day, it is big, and it was a good vibe. Can't wait to complete the rooms with furniture and show you around :)

Lets see the pictures!

It is incredible how I managed to do makeup this month! Twice! I was working on the Tattoo Convention in Lisbon, with Boticário as a sponsor. It was the second year that I worked there and I loved these two intensive days! I did the makeup on the pin-up models who were compete to be Miss Pin-Up of the convention.

This events are to have fun too! It is great when you can work and have fun at the same time with friends, right? ;) The best moustache ladies in town for sure!

The cherry on the cake! my work featured in national TV! Amazing, I was speechless!!

And right after the convention, I had another work with Rumbanita shoes, and I was so so glad I was working with them again! You can check more backstage pictures here

We went to Troia! I've never been there, and it is kinda sad because it is a place with such history, but the new massive buildings and hotels are just not right for the place. I mean, it is kind of an island, sorrounded by nature.. I felt that was very impersonal. The best part of the day was when we went away by the boat! :)

Time to decorate our mini christmas tree!

I made some curtains with your already known print from IKEA ehehe

Enjoying the light in the living room!


Tozé Santa Claus sleeping! my baby is so cute :)

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December is one of my fav months ever! It is my b-day, christmas and all that vajigle jagle! can't wait :)


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