quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013

Bu-bye September, Hello rain!

September flew fast! Don't you feel that? September is my 'start fresh' month, and this year was no different. Well, the only difference was that I wasn't back to school any more! I don't think I'll miss school. As I get older, sitting in a class for 2 hours is very difficult to me. I like to study, I like to investigate, and I will continue doing that, but outside classes, cos I have my master thesis and one cientific communication to do as well as a cientific project to work in! Plus making turbans for Madame Turbante, etc etc! I'm always busy and I love it!

Even living in the city we've got some green places to go! Me and my bf usually go there for a walk and do a little bit of exercise, and I get to pick some berries in the process.

I made a kimono! See picture tutorial here

Half of the month was really hot and sunny so we decided to go for a ride in our baby blue vespa from 1966!

Some walls of my home. I really do love my home, the problem is that is very small for two persons to live in. I know I haven't been living here for that long, but when I move out I'm gonna totally miss it! I love the unique wallpapers that my grandmom put up, and I wish I can find another beautiful home like this one!

We made sushi for the first time! It's not difficult to prepare, the hard part is to roll everything up! It was delicious though!

Enjoying the last days of summer doing my hair in different ways!

I presented myself with a new book! I'm so obssessed with all things BIBA I can't even explain! This book is precious. I may do a blog post about it if you like :)

The first photoshoot in so many weeks! Can't wait to see the result!

Hello autumn!

Started to investigate my new project! I will present it on a congress this november. no presure!

September is a very special month because it was the month that I met my boyfriend :)

Rain rain rain!

I wish you a great October! be happy x

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  1. ai o que eudava pra fazer esses penteados tao bem :)
    adorei o kimono!!! :o

  2. Adoro a foto a PB de ti e do teu namorado, que casal lindo.


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