segunda-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2012

Some pictures of cold December...

December is the coolest month of the year! Because its my b-day and because its x-mas! This year we don't have any x-mas tree or x-mas decoration (because our decoration is still under way), so the house is kinda sad right now, with no x-mas feeling, but the streets are full of lights and decoration! 

heart shaped lentil burgers, how cool is that? and so easy to do!

I don't cook a lot but when I do, it's too damn delicious! Baked codfish with potatoes and olive oil

 A set of matryoshkas! my boyfriends gift for my b-day! I love matryoshkas!

 boyfriend getting a new tattoo. I was a bit jealous, but next 28th it's my turn!

beautiful yellow tree at Jardim da Estrela

famous bridge in Lisbon 

time for a milkshake at the local american dinner!


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