terça-feira, 8 de junho de 2010

First post!

hi girls~ this is my first post! I own another blog, but this one will be very specific. I will talk about makeup, do some reviews, and things like that! So, I promise that will not be bored at all, because all the girls love fashion, makeup and beauty things! so, please, have a nice cup of tea and sit down, ENJOY!

Name: Inês Castelo

Age: 20

Country/City: Portugal, Lisbon

Love: makeup, shopping, Lady Gaga, lolita fashion, going out with friends, archaeology and history, gigs, tattoos n piercings, have fun!

Hate: rain, summer, fake people, animal cruelty, exams.

A recent photo of you:

I'm always with a beer in my hand ahaha


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